As every modern manager knows, the need to launch, deliver and master change – even radical change – is a corporate imperative in a globalizing marketplace. As shrinking product and service development cycles are putting businesses under increasing pressure to maintain competitive advantage, executives must ask difficult questions about the business and its future. Then they must apply the right principles of behavioural science to make change happen where it matters.

At Taffinder Consulting we debunk the cherished myths of change – notably the accepted dictums concerning conflict, vision and consensus. Conventional change management approaches counsel the avoidance or resolution of conflict, insist that a new corporate vision is always essential and claim that change must be built on consensus.

We offer workshops and consulting advice to corporate clients on:

  • Architecting the change journey
  • Leading and Managing Change
    (1-day workshop includes Dr. Taffinder’s award winning book — “Big Change: A route Map for Corporate Transformation”)
  • Personal executive coaching to lead major change