Organizational culture matters.

No matter whether an organization is a commercial enterprise, a government agency or part of the military, the most successful share remarkably similar cultures — these are Elite Performance Cultures. And they are distinguished by their emphasis on leadership rather than hierarchy, self-disciplined individual accountability, 'think for yourself' initiative, a small group ethos, and the use of constructive conflict.

Moreover the greatest organizations have aligned corporate purpose and the Elite Performance Culture so that they operate in synchrony.

Taffinder Consulting provides advisory services to executives to:

  • uncover the powerful psychological underpinnings of Elite Performance Cultures
  • help top management understand the link between organizational purpose, strategy and culture
  • assess the gap between current culture and the target Elite Performance Culture
  • define the benefits and risks of culture change
  • coach executives to become Culture Creators
  • embed the Elite Performance Culture into the day-to-day behaviour of managers and employees — primarily by channelling the significant influence of first-line supervisors