Taffinder Consulting’s Leadership and Executive Performance work is built on Dr. Taffinder’s research and publications centred on his model of the Leadership Domain.

We offer the following high-impact interventions for corporate clients:

  • Leadership Crash Course
    A 2-day workshop focused on leadership fundamentals. Includes a copy of the book “The Leadership Crash Course”
  • The Leadership Masterclass
    A 3-day workshop aimed at building transformational leadership. Includes copy of “The Leadership Crash Course”
  • Achieving the Leadership Mindset
    A 6-hour workshop to achieve rapid mindset change
  • The Leadership Profiling and Personal Change Programme (LPPC)
    The LPPC programme is an intensive 5-stage consulting intervention. Delivers comprehensive Individual Leadership Profile Report, Development Plan, Leadership Mindset Workshop and coaching
  • Advice to corporations on senior executive leadership, governance and executive performance
    • Are individual executives effective leaders?
    • Are the leadership teams effective?
    • Are leadership processes and governance effective?
    • How effective is the organization at building future leaders?



Leadership is not management. Management is not leadership.

Under circumstances of uncertainty or unusual challenge and difficulty, people look for help in understanding questions about what matters, what to do, what direction to take, and what they should not do. Providing people with the answers that help them with these difficult questions is the essence of leadership.




Click here for video of Paul Taffinder outlining the Leadership Domain