Organizational purpose and strategy can easily be corrupted – Enron is merely one high profile example. Strategy flows from organizational purpose…As such, purpose provides focus by setting the question, “If this is the purpose, what must we do now and in the future to fulfil this purpose?”

The only reason for strategy is to create action.

When executives and senior managers are not aligned to organizational purpose, strategy will become corrupted and the business will underperform and may fail.

Taffinder Consulting works with senior executives to:

  • Build clarity in top management about organizational purpose and the culture required to sustain it
  • Clarify strategic priorities and give executives the leadership skills and confidence to enact them
  • Help communicate the cascade of strategic objectives down the business
  • Create unity of purpose in executive teams by tackling directly and fixing the undiscussables of politics, power, trust and conflict
  • Identify the changes in human resources practises that are needed to sustain new purpose and strategy




Impact of a Strategy - Execution Gap

• 95% of employees don’t understand company strategy

• 50% of average employee’s time spent on non-productive work

• 50% more likely to have turnover


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