Big Change — A Route Map for Corporate Transformation

"Big change often requires taking momentous decisions...and these decisions cannot be enacted incrementally. You cannot leap a chasm in two bounds."

In an awe-inspiring read, Paul Taffinder seizes and pulls apart many of the conventional, but uncritical assumptions, of change — myths such as building consensus, the need for leadership vision, and the importance of conflict reduction. In doing so, he looks in detail at both the successes and failures of firms such as:

  • IBM
  • Novartis
  • Revenue Canada
  • ABB
  • PTT Post
  • Symcor
  • Siemens Plessey
  • Molson Breweries
  • British Airways
  • Sears Roebuck
  • NASA
  • Reckitt & Colman
  • Metallgesellschaft
  • Defence Evaluation &
    Research Agency
  • Microsoft

The lessons of Big Change are both startling and profound. If you have ever asked yourself the questions:

  • how do I kickstart transformation?
  • how do I clear a path through the corporate mess of projects, initiatives and business-as-usual?
  • how do I identify market discontinuities and grasp the new business opportunities they offer?
  • when do I build new organizational values?
  • how do I re-start change programmes that have stalled?
  • how do I master change?

then this book will give you the answers.



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The Leadership Crash Course — A 6-step fast-track self-development action kit

Are you a leader or a manager? There's a huge difference and only by understanding that difference will you be able to make a significant impact in your organization and your career. The world is full of managers and desperately short of leaders — real leaders. If you're serious about developing your leadership skills, this action kit is for you.

The Leadership Crash Course is designed to help anyone to develop and hone their skills to be a truly effective leader. But don't expect a passive read here: award-winning author Paul Taffinder will make you earn your reward! You'll need to roll up your sleeves and really get down to the business of analyzing your strengths and weaknesses by working through the exercises and activities.

Structured in six parts, this book will put you through a self-improvement course like no other you are likely to experience. It's full of practical hints and tips that will help in those situations where you're expected to think on your feet, where time is short and quick decisions are needed. You'll find guidelines on how to:

  • take on a new leadership role with rapid impact;
  • set-up and lead a change initiative;
  • communicate change to employees who are likely to resist it;
  • disturb the organizational equlibrium in order to make things happen;
  • turn your mistakes into successes;
  • mobilize your people so they're all pulling in the same direction.

If you have decided that you want to be a leader rather than just a manager, enrol on Paul Taffinder's Leadership Crash Course today!




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The New Leaders – Achieving Corporate Transformation through Dynamic Leadership

Despite the extensive theory, research and conventional wisdom to be found on the subject of leadership, do we really know what makes a dynamic effective leader?

Through a series of fascinating in-depth interviews with some of the world's top business leaders, Paul Taffinder examines the tried and tested leadership qualities that create successful and powerful organizations in today's rapidly changing business world.

In particular, he looks at what it really takes to be the driving force behind the process of transformation with which so many organizations are currently grappling. From this study he creates a model of leadership and, by challenging popular assumptions, he provides invaluable insights into what it takes to be a leader in the 90's and far beyond. A number of crucial issues are tackled head on, including:

  • the different characteristics that make up a leader;
  • leadership versus management;
  • fear of failure and fear of success;
  • risk making and risk taking in leadership
  • keeping ahead of the competition
  • leadership and corporate transformation.

Highly readable, controversial and thought-provoking. The New Leaders is a remarkable contribution to the current leadership debate, which will appeal to a vast audience of people worldwide, including general management, from CEO's to line managers and business students, from under-graduates to MBA level.